High School Placement Test (HSPT) For 8th grade students.

8th grade students who plan to attend a Catholic High School must register for the HSPT using the link below.

Maryland State Water Lead Test

In compliance with the new Maryland state law, St. Mary’s School recently had all water sources tested for lead content. The testing requirement was for all water outlets, not just drinking fountains... See the complete message.


Parking Lot Safety

Please do not pass cars in front of you once you drop off your children in the morning or pick up your children in the afternoon.   Please support us in keeping our parking lot as safe as possible.



All visitors and parents coming to the school for any reason must report to the school office to sign in and obtain a visitor pass.  



Classroom teachers have special ways in which they recognize student birthdays that do not involve food or toys. Please do not to send in food, drinks or goodie bags in honor of a child’s birthday.  Party invitations may not be distributed on school property by the teacher, parent or student.