Watkins Park Field Trip

On Friday, June 8, our class took a field trip to Watkins Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  We visited the Nature Center and learned about animals who have made their habitats in Prince George's County.  We took a train ride through the woods.  We also got to play on the new Wizard of Oz themed playground.  After lunch, we returned to the Nature Center to read their amazing books about animals and the environment.




Class Plays - The Little Red Hen and Squirt the Squirrel

On Wednesday, June 6, the first grade class proudly presented our two class plays - The Little Red Hen and Squirt the Squirrel.  We have worked very hard since the beginning of May to put on these plays.  We especially thank Ms. Dirksen for all her help with our costumes and set design.  We would also like to thank all our parents and family members who came pout to support our performance.  Thank you!




End of Year Bingo

On Monday, June 4, we had fun playing Bingo in the Burgundy Room.  We played for all kinds of cool prizes.  Thank you to our parent volunteers for making this event possible!




Field Day

First Grade enjoyed our Field Day, which was May 30, 2018.  Thank you to Ms. Wright for organizing such fun games and activities for us.  We played Kangaroo Relay, Water Relay, Basketball Relay, Knock Them Down, Jump Rope Relay, Steal the Bacon, Target Practice, Scooter Relay, and Tire Roll.  In the afternoon, we watched the 8th Grade vs. Faculty Kickball game.  Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped make this day possible.  We had so much fun, and we couldn't have done it without you!




Field Day Shirts

First grade had a blast decorating our Team T-shirts for Field Day.  Our class color is green.  We used fabric paint to create our own unique designs.  We are very excited to wear them on Field Day!  Thank you to our Parent volunteers who helped make this day possible!




Poetry Slam and Book Release Party

First grade is now a class of published authors!  In partnership with Studentreasures, we have published our very own book of poetry!  Our books arrived late last week, and on Wednesday, May 23, we had a poetry slam and book release party to honor our accomplishments.  Students read their poems from the book, and we celebrated afterwards with cookies and fellowship.  We are proud of all our hard work!



Dance Party

On Friday, May 11, 2018, First Grade filled up their marble jar for good behavior.  This means we have earned a special treat.  We held a vote and used our Math skills to create a tally chart with the results.  We ultimately voted to have a Dance Party, which we held on Monday, May 14, 2018, after Math class.  We had a lot of fun!  We learned that we can be rewarded for good behavior.  We hope to be able to fill our jar up one more time before the end of the school year.


Mother's Day Craft

Last week, First Grade partnered with our Sixth Grade prayer buddies to make a nice gift for our mothers in honor of Mother's Day.  We love our mothers and appreciate all that they have sacrificed to keep us healthy, safe, and loved.


Poetry Book Update

Hello Parents and Friends!

As you may be aware, First Grade is partnering with Studentreasures to publish our own book of poetry.  We spent the month of April learning about different types of poems and writing different kinds for our book.  We wrote and illustrated our poems and mailed off our kits on April 27, 2018.  Currently, our books have been received by Studentreasures and they are being published!  We expect to have the final product at the end of May or the first week of June.  We are excited to see our final product!

Outer Space Visit with Dr. Kogut and Sparky

On Monday, April 30, 2018, first graders welcomed a special guest.  Dr. Alan Kogut, of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland came to our classroom to talk to our students about outer space.  We learned about how wide and empty outer space is.  Did you know that if we made a model of the solar system with the sun the size of a gum ball, only the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter would fit in the classroom?  The planet Saturn would be down the hallway from our classroom, while Uranus and Neptune would be in the church.  We also learned about how scientists are able to study objects in space, such as other planets, stars, and galaxies.  We learned about Dr. Kogut's project, a balloon mission PIPER designed to study the Big Bang, scheduled to launch in the summer of 2018.  We also met the lab's mascot, a stuffed St. Bernard named Sparky.  In the afternoon, we wrote letters and stories, which will be fly on the PIPER mission.  When we get our letters back, we will own something that has gone to outer space!


Poetry Writing

First Grade is partnering with Studentreasures to publish our very own book of poetry!  In honor of National Poetry Month, we have been learning about all types of poems.  We have been reading silly poems, by funny poets such as Shel Silverstein, Karma Wilson and Nick Cannon.  We have learned to write several kinds of poems, including haikus, acrostic poems, biography poems, pyramid poems, cinquains, and concrete or shape poems.  We will be turning these poems into a book.  Parents and other friends may order our book by visiting the website:  Even if you order online, you must turn in the paper order form with your online confirmation code.


Vowel Bat

First grade has been learning about differentiating vowel sounds.  One favorite video of ours to watch is Vowel Bat ( ).  

Eric Energy In School Field Trip

Right before Easter vacation, the PK3 - 3rd grade classes enjoyed an in-school field trip presented by Eric Energy.  Eric Energy taught the students all about different ways science affects our everyday lives.  We learned about wind, states of matter, and so much more.  


Foreign Money Show and Tell

First grade has spent the month of March learning about money - the value of different coins and how to add a collection of coins.  To wrap up our unit of money, students were invited to bring in examples of foreign money they have from their cultures and travels.  Students brought in money from Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Cameroon, and Ethiopia.


Book Fair

Last week was our school's Book Fair.  Students in the first grade had lots of fun searching for new favorite books to read.  We learned about shopping within our budget and making decisions about which books to buy.  We are grateful to our parent volunteers who made this event possible.

At the end of the book fair, our class had a special visitor.  Check out our pictures below with Clifford the Big Red Dog!



Skeletal System

This week first grade has been learning about all the bones that make up our bodies.  We created a model of our skeletons using q-tips and glue.  Check out pictures of us hard at work.  Click on the first picture to advance the slide show.


100th Day of School

On February 13, 2018, the first graders celebrated 100 Days of School.  In the morning, they presented their 100 Days of School Projects, in which they had to create a display or poster showing 100 of an item they collected.  We also did writing activities about the number 100 and counting actvities related to 100.  We are proud that we are 100 Days smarter!  Click on the picture to advance the slideshow.


Winter Time

First graders have been spending the past few weeks learning about telling time.  We made snowmen that show time both with an analog clock (for the body) and a digital clock (for the hat).  Then, we practiced ordering our snowmen from the earliest time to the latest time.  We had so much fun learning.  Click on the first picture to start the slideshow.


Multicultural Week

Last week, our first grade scholars celebrated Multicultural Week in honor of the many cultures represented in our classroom and school communities.  Throughout the week, our class learned all about life in Mexico.  On Tuesday, January 30, we had a special multicultural lunch.  Students brought in Ethiopian, Dominican, and Spanish dishes to share with the class.  Friday, we had a World Tour where we learned about countries all over the world from the different classrooms in the school.  Click on the picture to start the slideshow from our World Tour Day.



Minute to Win It

Monday, January 28, 2018, was Student Appreciation Day.  In the afternoon, the whole school was invited to the Gym to complete in Minute to Win It games, based from the TV series of the same name.  Students from all grades had their names in a hat, and 2-6 students were chosen for each game.  Three students from our class were selected for different games, and they all played their best and represented our class well.  Click on the picture to start the slideshow.