First Holy Communion (THIS WEEKEND)

The photographers for this Sunday's First Communion will be present at Saturday's practice scheduled for 1:00pm.  They will be available to receive your payments.

Scantron Tests - Next week

Scantron Tests - Next week


Please be reminded that our field trip is quickly approaching.  Permission forms are due May 4th.  Potential chaperones are encouraged to submit their note/letter of interest at the same time the permission form is turned in.


Spring scantron testing begins Monday, May 7th.  Please encourage your children to eat a hardy breakfast and pack a healthy snack.  

Will it Dissolve or Will it not dissolve

Will it Dissolve or Will it not dissolve

We predicted whether our samples will dissolve or will not dissolve.  We learned terms like soluble, insoluble, and dissolve.  


"This is soo cool"


"Our letters (H & M) are floating"

First Reconciliation (Penance)

First Reconciliation (Penance)

Second grade is very excited about receiving their First Reconciliation this week.  They are also looking forward to hosting Monday's Prayer Service.  They have been trying to exhibit good behavior and attentiveness.  They have been telling me that they want to make their parents proud.

This week, they will be doing more writing practices and applications.  Some of the practices include story mapping and drafting short stories.  In Math, we will continue telling time (i.e. elapsed time and calendars).  Diphthong words with -oi and -oy will be on this Friday's spelling test.  We are planning to use the Science Lab for our next science experiment.  In Social Studies, we will likely finish citizenship and government.

Field Trip - Eric Energy

Field Trip - Eric Energy

Second grade was so impressed with this field trip.  They were so excited this morning about what they might see.  After the field trip, they returned to the classroom talking about dry ice and frozen carbon dioxide.  


The air in this balloon is so uplifting

Food Groups & Plant Life Cycle

Food Groups & Plant Life Cycle

This week, second grade will learn about the five food groups and the basic life cycle of plants.  They will complete lessons in their "Discover My Plate" workbook.    The workbook includes proper guidelines for handwashing, identifying food groups, and the discovering how plants grow.



This week second grade and our school will be learning more about contributions made by some courageous African-Americans.  On Thursday, they will attend presentations given by fifth grade.  There will be African dance demonstration in the gym on Friday.  In Social Studies, they will work on a week long project about Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman aviator.


This week (Tuesday, February 20th) students will be spelling words with consonant digraphs.  This word family will include words with sh, ph, tch, wh, gh, etc.  The spelling packet activities should be done with the spelling list words which are:

1. ship 2. choke  3. bath   4. dolphin  5. shake   6. whack 7. laugh   8. trophy  9. orphan  10. thunder   11. lunch  12. watch


Students will continue subtracting two-digit numbers using manipulatives and the regrouping concept of tens to ones.  They will have a test this week on subtraction with and without regrouping.


We have learned all of the parts of Mass (i.e. Introductory Rite, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist and Concluding Rite).  We will have our own Mass booklets divided into these four parts so we can follow along during the Mass more closely.  We will also begin learning more details about First Penance/Reconciliation.

Language Arts:

Reading - Last week we read about Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman aviator.  This week we will continue reading about the details of her life.

Writing -  They will continue practicing lowercase cursive letters and the strokes associated with downcurves, overcurves, undercurves and slants.  They will write an autobiographical and biographical timelines.  They will also write about major events in both their lives and Bessie Coleman's life.

Report Cards - Just wanted to make sure you all are aware that report cards will be sent home tomorrow afternoon.