Week of February 05nd 2018


This week (Monday, February 05th) students will be spelling words with the long i sound.  This word family will include words with -i_e, -igh, -ie, -y.  The spelling packet activities should be done with the spelling list words which are:

1. tie 2. time  3. tight  4. kind  5. fly  6. knight  7. bye  8. bright  9. write  10. why  11. blind 12. light


Students will continue subtracting two-digit numbers using manipulatives and the regrouping concept of tens to ones.  They will have a test this week on subtraction with and without regrouping.


We will go over chapter 19 of their religion book on the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  As they study this section, we will go over the parts of the Mass associated with the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Language Arts:

Reading -  We will continue reading stories about "How Animals Grow".  The story for our reading groups this week is "Farfallina and Marcel".  This story includes phonemics words with the long i vowel sound.

Writing -  They will be practicing writing lowercase cursive letters that have an overcurve.