Thank you to everyone that I talked to at conferences. There were some great conversations. Here is what we will be working on next week.

Math- We will be continuing to work on multiplication. The students will be working on fives and tens on Monday. There will be a quiz to check their progress on Tuesday. The quiz will cover zero, one, two, three, four, five, and ten times tables. I will be using this assessment to see who needs more practice with this skill and who is ready to move on.

We will move onto six,seven,eight,nine,eleven, and twelve times tables. After students have practiced those we will have another quiz and then a test covering all of the times table (zero-twelve).

The math journals need to decorated and covered with contact paper by Monday November 16th. The first entry will go out Friday the 20th and be due back on Thursday the 26th.

Reading- The test on Friday November 20th will cover making inferences, vocabulary words, action verbs, and using commas when writing addresses.

Starting this week the must dos will be checked on Thursdays and not Fridays. This means that the students will not get extra time Friday morning to complete them. Please remind your students about using their time effectively. 

The students will be getting a vocabulary packet this week in addition to the reading review worksheet they have already been receiving. The packet will have four vocabulary worksheets and will be due on Thursdays as part of their must dos. 

Religion- Third grade has been studying the rosary and Mary in this chapter. We will be playing a review game on Thursday and their test will be next Monday the 23rd.

Science- We will be finishing lesson six in chapter two this week. They will take a lesson quiz on Wednesday. We will be reading one more lesson and having one more quiz before the chapter test. The chapter test questions will be taken from the quizzes. So keep them at home to study.

Social Studies-We will be finishing up chapter two this week and next week. Chapter two discusses rural, urban, and suburban communities. The community project will be due Monday November 23rd and will count as a quiz grade.

On Monday there will be a flyer going out for our Thanksgiving celebration. Each student is being asked to send in $5 if they would like to participate in the feast. If you are able to help please contact Mrs. Nichols. Her contact information is provided on the flyer. There will be a pizza lunch on Wednesday. That is also the day to pick up any Gianni's merchandise that was sold. The pick up will be from 12-6pm. There is a HSA meeting on Thursday. All students who have a parent or guardian present will get a homework pass on Friday. Make sure you check in with me so I can add you to my list. 

Thank you for your help and continued support!