I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Here is what we will be doing this week.

Math- We will still be working on our times tables by practicing our seven and eight times tables. If you are working with your students at home make sure to review 0-12 times tables. This will ensure that they are ready for next year. 

On Friday the students were given their first math journal entry. It needs to be completed and turned in on Wednesday. Make sure to complete all of the sections of the entry. Refer to the page glued inside the front cover for more information.

Reading- We will not be reading a new story in our Treasures book this week. Instead we will be reviewing skills that we have already worked on this year. These skills include fact or opinon, making inferences, possessive nouns, action verbs, and singular/ plural nouns.

There will not be spelling or vocab words this week as well.

Writing- Last week the students picked an endangered animal to research. We will be using the web to research the animal and writing a five paragraph paper about it.

Religion- On Monday we will be playing a smartboard review game to study for the chapter test the next day. The test on Tuesday will focus on Chapter 4. This chapter talks about the rosary and the Joyful mysteries that we think about when we are praying the rosary.

Science- On Monday we will be playing a smartboard review game to review lesson six of chapter two. The quiz will be on lesson six. Your student has an outline in their binder that you can use to review the concepts. Remember the quizzes will be used to create the chapter test.

Social Studies- The community project will be due on Monday. Several students have already turned it in early. We will have a test on Chapter 2 when we return from Thanksgiving break.

Things to remember:

Money for the Thanksgiving feast is due by Monday. Any student who has not paid by Monday will need to bring a lunch to school that day.

Mid-quarter reports will be going out the week after Thanksgiving break. For this quarter I will be sending out a report to all students regardless of their grades. The report needs to be signed and returned. 

There will be a taco lunch on Wednesday December 2nd.

We will have a 12:30 dismissal on Wednesday November 25th and Friday December 4th. 

Enjoy your holiday!!