I hope everyone is having a very restful break! Here is what third grade will be up to when we get back. 

Math- We will be wrapping up multiplication this week by going over nine, eleven, and twelve times tables. Remember if you are practicing at home to practice 0-12 times tables. This will ensure that the students are ready to go to fourth grade and beyond. On Friday we will have a math facts quiz on six, seven, eight, nine, eleven, and twelve times tables. The week of December 7th we will have a multiplication test that will test 0-12 times tables. 

Reading- We will be reading a story in the Treasures textbook this week. This story's comprehension skill will be identifying the plot and setting of a story. The grammar skill will be identifying present tense verbs. We will have a reading, spelling, and vocab test on Friday.

Writing- The students have been researching their endangered animal and some are already ready to start writing their rough drafts. We will also be mailing our letters to our pen pals in at Rivera Beach Elementary School. 

Religion- We will begin Chapter 5 this week. Chapter 5 talks about Jesus' apostles and disciples.

Social Studies-We will be preparing for our test on urban, suburban, and rural communities. The test is tentatively scheduled on December 7th. 

Science- We are going to be reading lesson seven of chapter two in the textbook. The section discusses different groups of animals (reptiles, mammals, etc). This is the last lesson of Chapter two. The students will have a quiz on this lesson and then take the chapter test.

Things to remember-


  • Make sure you are signing your child's agenda every night
  • We have taco lunch on Wednesday
  • There will be an 12:30 dismissal this Friday (December 4th)
  • Mid quarter report will be coming out this Friday. Every students, regardless of their grades, will be recieving one. The report must be signed and sent back to school on Monday. 
  • I sent an email to any parent whose child has not handed in a signed test or signed no-homework slip. If you recieved an email please disucss the missing paperwork with your child and let me know if you have any questions.
  • There will be a HSA meeting on December 10th. Any child whose parents attends the meeting (and checks in with me) will recieve a no homework pass
  • Please bring in your old coats to donate to our coat drive as well as bags for the homeless