It's hard to believe that we are already in the month of December. Here is what third grade will be working on this week.

Math: We will take the multiplication test on Monday. The next chapter will be on division. This is the most important skill that is taught in the third grade. You may need to work on division facts with your child at home. By the end of third grade your child should multiplication and division facts from 0-12. 

Reading: We will have a reading test on cause and effect as well as past tense verbs, commas in a series and vocabulary on Friday.

Writing- The students have been editing and writing the final drafts about their endangered animal.

Religion: We will be taking the test on chapter five on Tuesday. We will playing a review game prior to taking the test on Monday. The students will also be drawing a picture and writing a sentence about how they can be disciples of Jesus. The picture and sentence will count as a quiz grade (30%)

Social Studies: We will be taking the test on chapter two this week. We will be playing a review game on Monday and take the test on Tuesday.

Science: We are taking the last quiz of chapter two this week. We will be playing a review game on Wednesday and take the quiz on lesson 7 on Thursday. Next week we will review and take the chapter two test. The test questions will be coming from the quizzes in this chapter. They will also get a study guide before the test. 

Things to remember:


  • Students will be shopping at the Kris Kringle Shoppe on Tuesday. If they did not bring money they will have another chance to go on Thursday morning. 
  • Variety Hot Lunch will be on Wednesday December 9th.
  • On Thursday December 10th we will be having a HSA meeting at 7:00 pm. If you come to the meeting please make sure you check in with me so your student can get a no homework pass. Hope to see you there!!
  • Next Monday December 14th will be our dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. All students should come dressed in their Sunday best.


Have a good week!!