I hope that everyone enjoyed the suprise week off. Here is what we will be doing in third grade this upcoming week. 

Reading- Due to the crazy schedule we will be skipping the story we read last week and moving onto the next story this week. The reading test will focus on drawing conclusions, linking verbs, spelling and vocabulary. We will also start writing the part of speech on our vocabulary chart.  

Writing- We have edited our color poems and this week will be writing the poems onto paint samples. I cannot wait to hang these up on the bulletin board. It makes the board look so colorful.

Math- We will be having the division facts quiz that we were supposed to have on January 21st on Monday. Then we will be having a division quiz that will focus on dividing by 0-12. Later this week we will move onto fractions. I plan on incorporating multiplcation and division as we learn fractions. There will not be a math journal due on Thursday.

Religion- We will be having the chapter 6 religion test that we were supposed to have on January 21st on Monday. Chapter 7 will continue the story of Moses leading the Israelities out of bondage. We will have prayer service next week. Please work with your child this week on practicing the prayer for next Monday.

Social Studies- We will finish the chapter on settling North America. There will be a test this month on this chapter.

Science- We will learn about the phases of the moon this week. There will be a quiz next week.

Things to remember:


  • Catholic Schools Week has been rescheduled to this upcoming week. Please check your email for more information from the HSA.
  • Students wil be able to come out of uniform on Tuesday Feburary 2nd if they bring in an item for the local food pantry
  • We will have taco lunch this Wednesday. 
  • Report cards will go out this Friday February 5th.
  • Next Friday will be a 12:30 dismissal


As always thank you for all your support and encouragement!