I hope everyone had a restful break. Here's what we will be working on this week. 


Math- We will be conitnuing to work on division. We will be taking a quiz on dividing by 0-6 on Thursday. 

Reading- We will be taking a test this Friday. The test will cover making inferences, spelling, vocabulary, and future tense verbs.

Writing- We will be finishing our paper on the endangered animals. Later this week we will be writing a persuasive paper about school uniforms.

Science-We will start a new chapter in the science book. This chapter will cover space. Specifically, the rotation of the Earth, the phases of the moon, and the planets.

Social Studies- We will be starting a new chapter in the social studies book too. This chapter will cover the colonization of the United States. The students wil be completing another at home project that will be due on Thursday January 21st.

Religion- We will begin a new chapter in religion. This chapter will cover characteristics of God inculding professing their faith and the trinity.

Things to remember:

  • There will be a hot lunch next Wednesday (Jan. 13th)
  • We have a tag day this Thursday. Students will need to pay $2 to come out of uniform. 
  • The second marking period ends on Friday January 22nd.
  • Thursday January 21st the school wil be having a HSA meeting and our Art Show. 
  • Report cards will go out on Friday January 29th.
  • Catholic Schools Week will take place the week of January 25th.