• THANK YOU so much for meeting with me on Friday. It was so great getting to talk to you about your amazing children.
  • If you have not signed up for remind app here is the link: https://www.remind.com/join/94f8ed.
  • We will have a variety lunch on Wednesday November 16th
  • There will be a HSA meeting on Thursday November 17th
  • Picture make-up day will be on Friday November 18th

Math- We are going to continue working on multiplication facts. We will learn 4, 5, and 6 times tables. Next Monday November 21st we will have a quiz on 0-6 multiplication facts. Please practice these facts at home. Also, the tenmarks assignments are on the website (tenmakrs.com). The assignments will be due on Monday November 28th. There will also be a math journal for this week. It will be due on Thursday November 17th.

Reading- The reading skill/ strategy is making inferences. The grammar skill will be recognizing action verbs in a sentence. The tests will be taken on Friday this week. The test will cover vocabulary, making inferences, identifying action verbs, and the weekly spelling words.

Religion- We will start chapter 10 this week. Chapter 10 will talk about original sin and how Jesus was sent to Earth to redeem us.

Science- We are still working on matter and energy. We will begin exploring measuring mass using the gram. There will be a quiz on November 22nd. It will cover solid, liquid, and gas as well as mass.

Social Studies- We will have test on chapter 11 and the presidential election on this Thursday November 17th. Please use the textbook and the presidential election packet they have in their binder.

Thank you for your ongoing support!