• If you have not signed up for remind app here is the link: https://www.remind.com/join/94f8ed.
  • We will have a prayer service for Thanksgiving at 11:30 on Tuesday
  • Tuesday November 22nd is a 12:30 dismissal. There will be aftercare provided on that day.
  • The coat drive and toy drive will start on Monday November 28th
  • We will have pizza lunch on November 30th
  • Midquarters will go out on Friday December 2nd. That day will also be a 12:30 dismissal.

 Math- Monday November 21st we will have a quiz on 0-6 multiplication facts. Please practice these facts at home. Also, have your child work on the tenmarks assignments over the Thanksgiving Break. They are on the website (tenmarks.com). The assignments will be due on Monday November 28th. There will be no math journal for this week. They will get a new journal entry on Monday November 28th. This journal entry will need to be written into the composition book.

Reading- There will be no reading test this week. Instead we will work on fact and opinion. There will also not be a spelling list this week.

Religion- We will continue to work on chapter 10. This lesson will focus on making good choices that are pleasing to God

Science- There will be a quiz on Tuesday November 22nd. It will cover solid, liquid, and gas as well as mass. Please use the vocabulary word and lesson outline to study for the quiz. We will play a smartboard game to review on Monday.

Social Studies- We will start a new chapter when we come back from Thanksgiving Break.

Thank you for your ongoing support!