• If you have not signed up for remind app here is the link: https://www.remind.com/join/94f8ed.
  • The NJHS Toy Drive and Coats of Many Colors starts on Monday November 28th
  • There will be a pizza lunch on Wednesday November 30th
  • Friday December 2nd is a 12:30 dismissal.
  • Midquarters will go out on Friday December 9th.
  • Some of the students went home with Blessing Bags last week. Please fill them with the contents written on the letter found inside the bag and return them to school the week of Dec. 5th

Math- We will continue practicing multiplication facts starting with sevens. If your child has not already begun their Tenmarks assignments, they must have them completed by Monday November 28th. The assignments can be found on the website (tenmarks.com). On Monday, they will get a new math journal entry. The journal will be due on Thursday December 1st. This journal entry will need to be written into the composition book.

Reading- The reading skill/ strategy is setting. The grammar skill will be present tense verbs in a sentence. The tests will be taken on Friday this week. The test will cover vocabulary, setting, present tense verbs, and the weekly spelling words.

Religion- We will continue to work on chapter 10. This lesson will focus on making good choices that are pleasing to God. The test on this chapter will be on Thursday December 1st.

Science- The students will conduct an experiment to discover how heat change different states of matter by causing melting and evaporation. 

Social Studies- After grading the chapter 11 tests, it has come to my attention that half of the students failed the assessment. I am giving the students an opportunity to earn some points back. I will give the students their tests back on Monday. They will have an assignment on Monday to use the textbook and change the answers that they got incorrect. They will hand in the test on Tuesday morning. I will then regrade the test and the higher test grade will go into my gradebook. We will start a new chapter this week. This chapter will be about rural, urban, and suburban communities. The students will be getting a new project that will be due on Friday December 16th