Hello! Here is what third grade will be working on this week.

Things to remember:

  • Our Valentine's Day party will be tomorrow around 11:30 am. We will be making our Valentine's day bags, exchanging cards, and having yummy treats. Our party will  be on Wednesday if we have a delay or are canceled due to weather.
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is scheduled to be a 12:30 dismissal. If we have a delay tomorrow the students will not be coming in but teacher's will still be conducting conferences after school. If school is canceled completely conferences will be moved to another day. 
  • We are still in need of supplies in our classroom. We need pencils, red pens, and glue sticks. Anything that you are able to donate would be greatly appreciated.  
  • Hot lunch will be on Wednesday February 17th. It will be grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you have not paid for this hot lunch your student will need to bring in a lunch.
  • Thursday February 18th will be a tag day. Students need to pay $2 to come out of uniform. 
  • Any student interested in the scholarship to Camp St. Charles needs to have the essay turned in by Friday February 19th. 
  • We will be having our first Stations of the Cross this Friday February 19th. We will be going to church and following along with the priest as he goes through the stations of the cross posted on the wall in the church.
  • Mid quarter reports will going out next Friday February 26th.


Math- We will be continuing with fractions this week. We will be comparing different fractions, and finding fractions of a set. 

Reading- We will start a new story this week and will continue it into next week. There will not be a reading test this week. The test next week will cover author's purpose, past tense of irregular verbs, spelling and vocabulary.

Writing- The students will be working on researching a planet they selected. They will be using non-fiction text, reference books, and the web to find information on their planet.  

Social Studies- We will be finishing Chapter 8 this week. The test on settlements will be next week.

Science-We will be focusing on social studies only this week. We will continue with science next week. 

Religion- We will be discussing the story of Moses and the Israelities. Our test on this chapter will be in a couple of weeks.