Hi everyone! Here's is what third grade will be doing this week:
Things to remember:
  • We are still in need of supplies in our classroom. We need pencils, red pens, and glue sticks. Anything that you are able to donate would be greatly appreciated.
  • There will be a pizza lunch will be on Wednesday March 2nd.
  • Mid quarter reports need to be signed and returned to me as soon as possible

Math- We will take a test on fractions on Wednesday. The next two chapters will be multiplying two digits by one digit and dividing with/ without remainders. Please brush up on multiplication and division facts with your child.

Reading- This Friday we will have a test on making predictions, contractions, vocabulary, and spelling.

Writing- We are writing a rough draft about the planet that was picked a couple of weeks ago. 

Religion- We will be taking a test on Chapter 7 on Tuesday. The next chapters we will be discussing in class will be about Easter and Lent. 

Social Studies- We will be starting a chapter about the United States government and special documents that made us a country. These include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Science- We will have a quiz on lesson 6 (the planets) on Wednesday. Next week there will be a test on chapter 8 (space). It will be on the Moon, the Earth, and the nine planets.