Things to remember:

  • We are still in need of supplies in our classroom. We need pencils, red pens, and glue sticks. Anything that you are able to donate would be greatly appreciated.
  • There will be a taco lunch will be on Wednesday March 16th.
  • We will be going to the book fair on Tuesday March 15th at 10:00 am
  • Parent/Grandparents may come in on Thursday during the day and shop with the students at the book fair
  • There will be a HSA meeting at 7pm on Thursday
  • There is no school on Friday March 18th. It is a professional development day for teachers
Math- We will continue to work on multiplication using bigger numbers. We will have a test on this next week.

Reading- This Thursdayy we will have a test on cause/effect, pronouns, vocabulary, and spelling.

Writing- We are writing a rough draft about the planet that was picked a couple of weeks ago. 

Religion- We will be taking our faith knowledge assessment scantron test from April 11th- April 21st. We will be playing games to review the vocabulary words that will be on the test. I will be sending home the words sometime this week for you to review with your children at home

Social Studies- We will continue to learn about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Science- We will be starting a new chapter this week. The chapter will be on physics- distance, motion, speed, and position of an object