Things to remember:
  • We are still in need of supplies in our classroom. We need pencils, red pens, and glue sticks. Anything that you are able to donate would be greatly appreciated.
  • There will be a hot lunch will be on Wednesday March 9th.
  • There will be a tag day on Thursday. Students may come out of uniform for two dollars.

Math-We are working on multiplying two digit numbers by one number. Students will work on problems with and without regrouping. Please brush up on multiplication and division facts with your child.

Reading- This Friday we will have a test on sequencing events in a story, pronouns, vocabulary, and spelling.

Writing- We are writing a rough draft about the planet that was picked a couple of weeks ago. 

Religion- We are starting a new chapter this week. This chapter will be discussing Easter and Lent. 

Social Studies- We will be starting a chapter about the United States government and special documents that made us a country. These include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The scores on the last test were not good for most of the students. After I graded the tests I gave them back to the students and gave them thirty minutes to change any of their answers. Once the answers were fixed I graded it again. The original score was written in purple. I graded the test in green pen. The score written in green will be the one that will go into my gradebook.

Science- There will be a test on chapter 8 (space) on Tuesday. It will be on the Moon, the Earth, and the nine planets. We will a new chapter next week.