I hope that everyone hada great weekend. Here is what we will be doing this week. 


Things to remember 

  • There will be a taco lunch Wednesday.


Math- The students overall did not do well on the long division test. We will review the skils on Monday and Tuesday and take the test again on Wednesday. Long divison can be a hard skill for students to master so please have your child practice this skill as much as possilbe. Long division also requires knowledge of math facts so have your child practice their facts at home too. 

Reading- This Friday the test will cover identifying the theme of a story, adjectives and articles, spelling, and vocabulary (downtown, owners, equipment, applicances, construction, leaky). 

Writing- We have been working hard on cursive writing. On May 1st students will be required to write all work in curvive. 

Religion- We are getting back into the workbook. This chapter will be about the Resurrection of Jesus.

Science- We are continuing to learn about physics. This week we will read about forces, pushes, pulls, friction, and gravity. There will be a quiz on these concepts on Tuesday.

Social Studies- This week we will read about voting and being a citizen. There will be a test next week.