Here is what third grade will be working on this week.

Things to remember 

  • There will be a pizza lunch Wednesday.
  • Mid quarter reports will be going home this Friday
  • Field Day will be next Wednesday May 4th. There will be a hot lunch that day as well.
  • There will be $2 tag day next Thursday May 5th.
  • Third grade will have prayer service next Monday. Please practice the prayer at home. Thank you in advance. 

 Math- The students took the retest last Wednesday. Most of the students did well on the retest. The grade that is higher will go into my gradebook. We are moving onto measurement and time

Reading- This Friday the test will cover making judgements about characters, adjectives that compare, spelling, and vocabulary (conversation, interrupted, boasting, sway, scrambled, seized, rebuild). 

Writing- We have been working hard on cursive writing. On May 1st students will be required to write all work in curvive. 

Religion- This chapter will be about the Resurrection of Jesus. We will have prayer service this Monday. Please practice the prayer with your child at home.

Science- We are continuing to learn about physics. We will learn about unbalanced forces and friction.

Social Studies- We will take a test on Chapter 11 this week.