I hope that everyone had a good Easter break! Here is what 3rd grade will be working on this week

Things to remember 


  • Report cards will be going home this Friday April 8th
  • There will be a hot lunch next Wednesday. It will be fish sandwiches and chips.
  • There will be a TAG day on Thursday Aprl 14th


Math- We will be working on long divison with and without remainders. THe students have been taught the steps: divide, multiply, subtract, bring down. Long divison can be a hard skill for students to master so please have your child practice this skill as much as possilbe. Long division also requires knowledge of math facts so have your child practice their facts at home too. 

Reading- We are getting back into our old routine of having reading tests on Fridays. This Friday the test will cover making/confirming predictions, pronoun/verb agreement, spelling, and vocabulary (image, newspaper, numb, screamed, escape, fled, shuddered). 

Writing- This will be the last week that the students will be writing about planets. Any student not done by Friday will be staying inside at recess to complete their work.

Religion- All students in grade 3-8 will be taking a religion scantron in April. The test will cover religious vocabulary words. The list of words was sent home before the break in the Thursday folder. Since some of these words are difficult please practice with your child at home. Flash cards are a great way to practice. We are scheduled to test next week. Before the test the students will be playing a computer game in class but practicing at home will help too.

Science- We are continuing to learn about physics. This week we will read about forces, pushes, pulls, friction, and gravity. There will be a quiz on these concepts next week.

Social Studies- This week we will read about the Bill of Rights. After we have read this lesson on the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Consitution the students will make groups and compare and contrast the documents.