Here is what third grade will be working on this week.

Things to remember:

  • From now until the end of the year students will only recieve one copy of any worksheet. If that worksheet is part of their grade they will recieve a zero for the assignment

  • There will be a pizza lunch Wednesday.

  • There is a full day of school on Friday May 27th. There is no school on Monday May 29th due to Memorial Day.

  • May 31st will be a tag day for $2.00. We have rescheduled the 8th grade vs teacher kickball game for that afternoon.

  • There will be an awards assembly for kindergarten-third grade taking place in June.

  • We are in need of tissues. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Math-We will have our test on time and temperature this Thursday. The next chapter we will start will be place value. This will be the last chapter of the school year.

Reading- the students will be reading Charlotte's Web for the rest of the school year. They will read parts of the book in class and will be required to read the book at home as well. The weekly vocabulary words will come from the book. The spelling words will be created by myself. This weeks list will be months of the year and days of the week. The grammar skills will be a review. The students will be tested on the book Charlotte's Web after it is completed. I am planning on having the test on the book on June 6th. The spelling and vocab test will still take place on a Friday. There will be a grammar quiz on Friday covering the skill that is reviewed that week. This week we will be reviewing nouns and action verbs.

Writing- As of Monday May 2nd, ALL work must be done in cursive. We will be continue to work on how to write a how-to article.

Religion-We will be discussing Jesus as a judge and his heavenly glory in heaven.

Science-We will be reviewing for the science test on Monday. The test will be on Tuesday. It will cover lessons 1, 2, & 3 from chapter 9 on physics. Use the quizzes that were sent home in the Thursday folder to review for the test.

Social Studies-We will finish the chapter on economics in the next two weeks. This will be the last chapter in social studies for the school year.

Thank you for your continuing support!