• If you have not signed up for remind app here is the link: https://www.remind.com/join/94f8ed.
  • We will have a chicken nugget lunch on Wednesday January 4th.
  • We will have a variety lunch on Wednesday January 11th.
  • The second semester milk payment is due on Monday January 9th
  • Third grade will oversee the Mass on Friday January 13th. They will be doing the readings, petitions, and offertory gifts. Since not every child can get a part in the Mass, I will be picking names out of a hat. Please practice your child’s part with them at home next week. The other students may get an opportunity in the future.
  • The second quarter will end on Friday January 20th. Report cards will be distributed on Friday January 27th.

Math-  This week we will be starting division. The math journal entry/math maintenance was due on January 2nd. There will not be a math journal due on Thursday. They will get the next journal entry on Friday January 6th. Keep in mind that these assignments each count as a quiz grade. Missing one week ‘s assignment could seriously affect your child’s math grade.

Reading- The reading skill/ strategy is sequencing events of a story. The grammar skill will be combining predicates of two sentences into one using the word and. The tests will be taken on Friday this week. The test will cover vocabulary, sequencing, combining predicates, and the weekly spelling words.

Religion- We will start a new chapter this week. This chapter will cover how God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Later this week I will be selecting students to participate in Mass next Friday. The students will review their part for Mass next week.

Science- The students will conduct an experiment to discover light energy. We will be having a quiz on light and heat energy next week. There will a test on everything from this quarter before the end of the marking period.

Social Studies- We will play a game to review urban, suburban, and rural communities. The test will be on Thursday January 5th.

Thank you all of your support.