Hi Parents,

Last week in religion we talked about Advent and the coming of Jesus. Each child did a Jesse Tree which shows symbols of people who waited for Jesus. We will be practicing in church on Monday and Tuesday for the Christmas Pageant which will be held in church on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

In math we used one and zero in division as well as divide by 2,3, and 4. This Friday we will have a math test on chapter 5 which covers multiplication and division (divide by 2 through 5) as well as multiplication and word problems.

This past week in science we covered newspaper with wax paper and then put drops of water on it to see how the water caused the letters to magnify. We related this to how seeing objects that are far away in space can appear closer with the use of a telescope. We also used globes and flashlights to show what causes day and night. I think we have some future scientists in our class!

In reading we are learning how to summarize a passage and find the author’s purpose in writing—to inform, entertain, or persuade. Sometimes they have more than one purpose for writing. The class wrote persuasive paragraphs or letters about their favorite book or author.

In social studies we are finishing up the lessons on communities that covers pages 72-101 in the textbook. A take home test is due Wednesday and students can use their books to find the answer which is also a reading strategy.