Hi Parents,

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! This past week the children did a great job when we went to Reconciliation. Those of other faiths, were free if they wanted, to ask the priest for a blessing. In math we finished chapter 5 which was dividing by 2,3,4, and 5. We also learned about symmetry with Christmas trees that the children made in class and brought home Friday. When a figure can be folded so that its 2 parts match exactly, the line along the fold is called a line of symmetry.

Over Christmas vacation please have your child do IXL for at least 15 minutes a day. They can go to the top of the screen and go to the different subject areas as well as Common Core for grade 3. Also, please help your child by going to the top of the screen to Recommendation for your child. This is a specific area where your child can get additional re-inforcement in areas needed.  IXL is such an awesome site to help your child advance in all the subject areas, except religion. Please make sure they take advantage of it over Christmas so they can maintain the skills they have been taught since September. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity at St. Mary’s school, so please take advantage of it.

It would be helpful if your child reads a chapter book that they are interested in over the Christmas break. It would be helpful if you ask them questions about what they read. For extra credit they can write a book report about it. It might convince another student to read the book.

When the children return from vacation we will resume with multiplication with the 6, 7, 8, and 9 times tables through 12 as well as dividing by those numbers. We will also go over geometry, fractions, and decimals as the year progresses.

The children are already filled with excitement for the anticipation of Christmas; it is such a wonderful time, so may you have a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Anne Curran