Hi Parents,

Last week in school we measured to the nearest quarter inch, half inch and three-quarters of an inch. This week we will learn about measuring in feet, yards, and in miles. Last week in reading the students worked on the skill of inferring what happened in a story. This week the strategy is story sequence. In social studies we have been using a different social studies book to learn about different kinds of maps—physical, elevation, and population maps. This week we will be learning about regional maps. The students are doing a great job on their presentations in the classroom for Black History Month.

Ms. Colter did an awesome job of giving the children a Valentine Party when we returned from the lunch in the Burgundy Room. Last Wednesday we received ashes at Mass for Ash Wednesday. This Friday we will go as a school to do the Stations of the Cross during Lent. The classes also have mission boxes to collect money for the needy.


Anne Curran