February 4, 2018

Hi Parents,

We had quite a busy, fun-filled week celebrating Catholic Schools Week as well as Multicultural Week. On Monday, I experienced my first Minute to Win It with the school. The students had fun watching and participating in the events. On Tuesday, we enjoyed tasty foods from different cultures and on another day students wore clothes that represented their background.

In reading comprehension, we discussed Cause and Effect. The cause is the event that makes something happen. To identify the cause we ask why something happened and to identify the effect, something that happened because of an action, we ask what happened. I introduce it with something the class can relate to, such as no school (effect) because of snow (cause). This week we will infer with the next story, The Jones Family Express. We have to use clues and our background knowledge to figure out missing details.

In math we are getting near the end of chapter 6, which is multiplying and dividing. I cannot stress enough how important it is for the children to memorize the multiplication tables through the twelve times tables. They can practice writing them down on loose-leaf and saying it as they write them. You can also ask your child on the way to school some math facts. Another means is to use IXL. Personally, I think if you say it, write it, and say it again will be helpful for some of the children because we have different types of learners.

Last week in science we talked about weather and how to read a weather map. It would be helpful if they watched the weather a few times on television at home to understand it better.


Anne Curran