Hi Parents,

These past few weeks the class has been working on measurement in math. We measured objects in the classroom in inches, feet, and yards. We also did this using centimeters and meters. We made gallon guy and a booklet to reinforce measuring capacity. We used water to determine how many cups pints, and quarts would equal a gallon. We used grams and kilograms from the science lab to understand the mass of the objects. We then used the scales from the science lab to guess and check the mass in grams of items in the classroom. This coming up week we will tell time to the half hour, quarter hour, the hour, and to the minute. We will also find elapsed time and finish with how to use a calendar.

Earlier in the year I went over the concept of multiplying and over each multiplication table and had it written in the homework pad to work on it for 15 minutes each night using IXL. Third grade is crucial for the students to memorize the times table. I have moved forward in math thinking they were doing this. I am finding that some children have not been doing this with various excuses. Others have memorized the tables. Those who have not will have a difficult time as I move on to other areas of math where multiplication, addition, and subtraction are needed as the foundation. As a reminder anything we do in math can be reinforced at home using IXL.

In English we have been identifying irregular verbs and the different tense of verbs. We also learned the parts of a letter and used that information to write personal letters to a family member or relative to share with the class.

In social studies we have been identifying different regions of the country. We will then learn about our neighbors, Canada and Mexico. We are also doing two outside projects. One went home last week about Women’s History Month, and the other will be going home on Tuesday which incorporates March Madness (NCAA Basketball) with social studies.

In religion we discussed how Jesus came to give life. We also went to Mass on Friday and to the Stations of the Cross.

Just a reminder that our class will be going to the Scholastic Book Fair on Tuesday.

Have a good evening.