Hi Parents,

Last week in math we used customary units to measure capacity. Students measured cups, pints, and quarts to see what would equal a gallon. We discovered that 16 cups equal a gallon in case you need that information for any upcoming events. We then measured ounces and pounds. The next day we measured length in centimeters, decimeters, and then meters. We used meter sticks to measure things in the classroom to get a sense of the length of things. Children could reinforce this at home by measuring things in the house with meter sticks or add 10 centimeters to a yardstick with cardboard to make your own meter stick. This week we hope to measure capacity in milliliters and liters. We will also measure mass with grams and kilograms. After that, we will tell time to the quarter hour.

In Social Studies we have been identifying different regions of the U.S. and their resources and landmarks of those areas.

The children received their new readers for the second part of the year and the first story Cook a Doodle Doo! is a funny fictional story that compares and contrasts parts of the story. After that story is a non-fiction article about bakeries.

In Science we will be studying water and how much of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. We will also talk about weather in the area.

In Religion we discussed miracles Jesus did and did a skit in the classroom about two great signs Jesus did. This week on Friday we will go to the 9:00 Mass and at 2:00 go as a school over to the Church for Stations of the Cross.

Have a good evening.

Anne Curran