Last week we were able to accomplish quite a bit as a class. We began pre-writing our personal narratives. We will be writing about an unforgettable experience, to connect all the unforgettable experiences we have been reading about. We also had our second test in social studies and in grammar. In math we introduced the metric system of measurement. Finally in science we completed our calcite quest investigation and introduced granite rocks.

This coming week we will continue to work with the metric system in math. Focusing on converting metric units of lenght, mass, and capacity. In science we will use the granite rocks to do a hardness test and vinegar test. these tests will help us to determine which minerals are contained in our granite rocks. In reading we will begin drafting our personal narratives. We will also read Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World, to practice making inferences and using predictions to increase reading comprehension. In social studies will begin studying the Revolutionary war (chapter 4 in the text). Finally, in grammar we will look at pronouns and begin to understand their role and uses.

Math Journal Problem of the week:

In one year, the factory used 11,650 meters of cotton, 4,950 fewer meters of silk than cotton, and 3,500

fewer meters of wool than silk. How many meters in all were used of the three fabrics?



Mr. Pace