Hello Everyone,

Last week was a fun week in which we were able to get a lot done. In math we just about wrapped up our addition and subtraction unit and introduced C.U.B.E.S. our word problem strategy. In science we began investigating genuine minerals and rocks including gypsum, basalt, limestone, and sandstone. We continued working on Sarah Plain and Tall, we will wrap that up this week. In grammar we learned about proper and common nouns, before moving on to singular and plural nouns. In social studies we studied colonial Maryland and the early settlers.

This week we will begin our metric conversion unit in math, that means we will have a math quiz this week. We will also continue working with C.U.B.E.S. and our math journals. In social studies we will learn about Captain J. Smith and what we learned about Native Americans through his explorations. In reading we will finish Sarah Plain and Tall, and in grammar we will work with nouns as subjects and nouns as direct objects. We will compare and contrast subjects and direct objects using graphic organizers. In science I am really excited to take the class to the science lab for the first time this school year and I know ther are also very excited to go. We will be experimenting with our rocks and minerals being submerged in vinegar looking for  effervescence as evidence of the pressence of calcite. In religion we are learning about mercy and seeking God's forgiveness.

Thank you,

Mr. Pace