Good afternoon,

Last week was a very exciting week in our fourth grade class. One of the big highlights for our class this week was going to the science lab, where we were able to experiment with different rocks in vinegar. We are currently waiting for our vinegar to evaporate so we can check for any crystal formations. Another big highlight was the Walkathon, everyone had a great time walking and dancing together and just growing as a learning community. We started learning about measurements and converting measurements in math. We also read about animal dentistry in reading. In religion we studied the ways we teach our conscience and what are trustworthy sources. Finally, in social studies we took an indepth look at the circumstance in Europe leading to the colonization of Maryland.

In the coming week we have a lot planned. In math we will introduce Ten Marks assignments and begin learning about metric units of measurement. In science we will venture back to the lab to examine the results of our vinegar test. In reading we will conclude our reading of Sarah Plain and Tall, which we wil use to discuss theme and main idea. In Grammar we will wrap up our second unit on nouns and test on Friday. We will also test on Colonial Maryland in social studies this Thrsday. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to check our class page and for being so supportive, as always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Mr. Pace