Hello Families,

My name is Mr. Pace and I am so excited to start this year off with you all. First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check our page as you will find a lot of vital information pretaining to our class. This week we will really be focusing on laying a strong foundation of routines and expectations for the year. By investing this time in getting the routines and expectations perfect at the begining of the year we will create an environment that is ideal for our children to learn and grow. These routines include how to move around the classroom, how to ask for materials, how to get my attention, where to find important information and so much more. 

Once we have covered all of the routines and expectations we will shift our focus to digging into the content of 4th grade. In math we will begin working on improving our place value sense. In reading we will be reading the short story "The Lost Lake". In religion we will work on understanding the Lord as a Trinity. In science we will be making and experimenting on "mock" rocks as we kick off our earth materials unit. In social studies we will begin learning about the climate and the land of Maryland. Finally, in grammar we will discuss and explore sentences and their structures.

This week we would also like for all of our parents to join us in wishing Nasir and Asaad a very happy birthday!



Mr. Pace