Hello Families,


Last week was a busy week, we were still getting used to the rules and expectations but I am happy with what we were able to accomplish. In math we completed our place value unit and took our first post-quiz. I would love to have you all sign these quizzes so that we can work together to strengthen weak spots or celebrate successes. In social studies we wrapped up chapter one on the geograpy and climat of Maryland. In religion we talked about the ways God communicates with us through creation, The Bible, and The Trinity. In reading we completed our discussion of the book The Lost Lake. We also had our first spelling test, which was a great success.

This week we will be working on introducing multi digit addition and subtraction, this is a short topic and we will hopefully get through it within the week. In science we will be deconstructing our mock rocks and analyzing their mineral composition. For reading we will introduce our second short book Amelia's Road, about a young girl who moves around a lot and longs for a place to call her home. In social studies I am very excited to start learning about the Woodland Natives of Maryland. In grammar we will wrap up our sentences unit and begin learning about parts of speech.

Thank you all for all your support and ongoing communication!


Mr. Pace