Hello Families,

It was a great first week in Mr. Pace's 4th grade class. I cannot express how much fun it has been to begin getting to know all of these wonderful scholars. This week we began working on several skills across multiple content areas. In math we have been working on place value and extending our place value understanding into the millions period. In reading we have read the story "The Lost Lake" and we have also learned some pre-reading strategies. In grammar, all the children did an excellent job of distinguishing different sentence types, including, interrogative, declarative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences. In social studies we learned about the geography of our state of Maryland.  In religion we discussed ways we come to know God. Finally the highlight of the week was in science where we introduced our "mock" rocks and the children got to pretend to be geologists making detailed observations about the rocks.

Coming up this week we will wrap up our place value unit and move on to rounding and estimating. We will read "Getting to Know Allen Say"  and work on comprehension strategies. In grammar we will learn about subjects and predicates and practice writing sentences with complete subjects and predicates. In social studies we will learn about the climate of Maryland and take a look at the history of the Chesapeake Bay. In science we will compare our "mock" rock observations and begin to deconstruct them and identify their composition. 

I look forward to seeing you all at back to school night and giving you a first hand look at what your scholar has been learning!


Mr. Pace