Good Morning Parents, 


I wanted to let you know of some upcoming events and some reminders. Saturday evening is our School's Art Show. It will begin at 7:00pm and is an adult only event. There will be light refreshments, raffle baskets to support the school and auction items. This is a fun night to come and admire your child's artwork and spend time with friends for the evening. Remember this is an adult only event since there will be alcohol served. I want to remind you to please send in your child's permission slip and field trip payment by May 3rd. We are now officially full for chaperones but I appreciate the over abundance of volunteers for this field trip. 

I want to let you know what we are doing in the classroom. Both math groups are working on volume and will begin a geometry unit soon as well as preparing for our Scantron Assessment which will take place the week of the 21st of May. In reading we are finishing our final novel The Phantom Tollbooth and again will begin to review for this assessment. In social studies, the students are learning about westward expansion. In science, they are learning about force and motion and are working on a roller coaster project. They continue to work hard! Below are some other important dates to keep in mind in the next week:


Friday 4/27: 12:30 Dismissal

Saturday 4/28 at 7:00pm: Art Show

Wednesday 4/2: Chicken Nugget Lunch

Thursday 4/3: Field Trip forms and payment due also this is a Tag Day


Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Keller

Good Morning Parents, 


I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break and first week back. I wanted to let you know of some upcoming events and important information to be mindful of. Tomorrow Mr. Pace and I will be throwing both classes a pizza party to celebrate the students excellent job on mid year scantron as well as doing a great job on their faith knowledge assessment. We will be having juice and pizza. I told students that if that was not enough to eat to please bring an additional snack. I also want to remind people to please send in their $5.00 for the art show raffle basket. This basket will be raffled off and will help to raise money for the school at the art show next week. Please join us April 28th at 7:00pm for an adults only art show. This can be a fun evening to enjoy the students art work as well as light refreshments. I will be sending out the field trip permission slip forms today and ask that they be returned with the money no later then May 3rd. I want to make you aware that we will be leaving at 8:30 and will not return back until 4:30/5:00pm. That evening will also be the Band Concert. So please plan accordingly. If you would like to chaperone please contact me. Report cards should be coming out this Friday unless we run across additional technology problems. I will send a remind notice letting you know of any changes. 


I want to thank you for your continued support!


Ms. Keller

5th Grade

Good Afternoon Parents, 

This was quite an exciting week with the two unexpected snow days! I wanted to let you know that next week is the last week of school before spring break. The taco lunch that was missed on the 21st will be moved to the 27th. The students have pizza lunch on Wednesday and Thursday is a half day. The 29th is the last day of the quarter. 

I wanted to let you know what is going on in the classroom. In math the classes are working on a measurement unit. Starting next week, they will be learning about area and perimeter. In social studies, they will be learning about the government. We have started a new novel called The Phantom Tollbooth. I hope you all have a relaxing and fun spring break!


Ms. Keller

5th Grade Update


Good Afternoon Parents, 


I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year. I wanted to let you know about some upcoming events this week as well as some information regarding the black history month project. I have given the students an extension for the rough draft of the black history month project. They have till 8pm on Friday to share their paper with me on google docs. They should have already have done this. I will begin to edit Friday night. I also want to remind you that the presentations are on February 22. I will be sending out a schedule of the day next week. This week is multicultural week. Tomorrow is parent appreciation day and parents are invited to join us for lunch if they sent back the flyer that was in the Thursday folder last week. Thursday will be a tag day if students bring a canned food drive. Friday will be multicultural travel day. Students have been learning about France and I will be providing them snack on Thursday. 


In math the classes are finishing up their unit on fractions. They continue to learn about verbs in language arts and we have started a new novel Number the Stars in reading. This is about a girl growing up in the Holocaust. In social studies students are working on their black history month projects as well as learning about the american revolution. They have been working hard in all their subjects. Students will be taking their midyear scantron test the week of February 12th-15th. Please be sure your child is well rested and prepared for these assessments those days. 


Thank you for your continued support!


Ms. Keller

5th Grade Update!

Good Morning Parents, 


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and are ready for Christmas. I wanted to let you know what has been going on in the classroom as well as important dates and information. In math, both groups have been working on a unit on fractions. This week we are working on fraction sense and understanding basic concepts with fractions. We will be working on adding fractions next week in both groups. In social studies, students just completed an in class project on the colonies. We will be learning about the causes of the Revolutionary War  over the next few weeks. In reading, we are continuing to read out novel Bud Not Buddy. In language arts, we have finished our unit on pronouns and will be taking a test tomorrow. We will begin to prepare in the upcoming weeks to prepare for the students Black History Month Project. I will be sending this project home next week. This is a multi-part project and will have several due dates. I will tell you that we will be having our celebration day where students will present this project on February 22nd all day. I hope to see you all there! More information will be coming out after Christmas break. 


I also wanted to let you know that the class will be having a Christmas party on December 18th. The students will have a movie themed party and we will complete our gift exchange.  Each student was given a Secret Santa person with a budget of $20.00. All gifts should be brought in on the 18th, unless you will be out of town that week then please let me know. If you want to know who your child has please send me an email and I will let you know. I also ask that if you choose not to participate to please let me know and I will make arrangements. 


Below are important dates over the next month:


12/7: Christmas Band & Choir Concert 7 pm, Pronoun Test

12/8: Mid Quarters coming Home

12/11: Words Within Words Quiz week 12&13

12/13: Variety Lunch; Christmas Pageant 7:00 pm in the Church

12/14: Tag Day $2.00; Person for Black History Month Project Due for Approval

12/15: Toys for St. Anne's Due; Colonies and French and Indian War Test

12/18: Our Class Party; please send in secret Santa present

12/19: Pajama Day, 12:30 Dismissal

12/20-1/2: Christmas Break



I want to take a moment and Thank you all for a wonderful first half of the year. I have enjoyed working with each and everyone of your children and I fully enjoy spending everyday with them. They bring joy, laughter and love into my life. I also want to thank you for all the love and support you have given Mr.Pace and I in this year of transition. You all are the true rock stars!


Thank you and have a blessed day!


Ms. Keller

5th Grade Update

Good Morning Parents, 


I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I wanted to let you know what has been going on in the classroom as well as upcoming events in school. This week in math both math groups are finishing up our unit on decimals. Students have been working on order of operations as well as reviewing operations with decimals. Next Friday, students will be having a unit test on decimals. A decimal review packet will be going home with both math groups tomorrow which will be due the following week. This will help students be successful for their test as well as count as a test grade. Please be sure your child completes this to the best of their abilities. In language arts students continue to work on different types of pronouns. In religion, students are finishing up a unit on the sacraments of initiation next week.They will have a test next Thursday. In social studies, students are working on cumulative project on the Lost Colony of Roanoke. They have a project due on Monday. The class will then be learning about colonization in America. In reading, we have started our new book Bud Not Buddy. This book is about a young orphaned boy growing up during the depression. The students have been participating in great discussions regarding this novel. Below are important dates to keep in mind as we are moving toward Thanksgiving Break:


11/9: Tag Day, Spelling Test, Ms. Keller Group will have a math quiz, Bud Not Buddy Quiz Chapters 1-3

11/10: No School- Parent Teacher Conferences

11/13: Roanoke Project Due

11/15: Variety Lunch

11/16: Home and School Meeting (7:00pm),

11/17: Picture Make Up day, Decimal Unit Test, Spelling Test, Words Quiz (Week 10/11), Decimal Packet Due, Reading Quiz Chapters 4-6

11/21: 12:30 Dismissal 

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving break 


I want to take a moment and thank you all for a great start to the year! I have really enjoyed working with your children and I think with all the changes in our curriculum this year we are seeing a great deal of success for all students! Thank you for supporting both Mr.Pace and I and thank you for all your hard work with your children!


Have a Great Week!


Ms. Keller

End of the 1st Quarter

Good Morning Parents, 


I hope everyone is have a great week. I wanted to let you know of some upcoming events as well as what we are doing in the classroom. I wanted to let you know that the 4th and 5th grade had a wonderful time at the African American History Museum. We received manycompliments about our behavior at the museum. It was a great day! 

I can not believe we are already at the end of the 1st Quarter on Thursday. Where has this year gone! With the end of the quarter comes an end and a start to many of our units. In math we have started our decimal unit. The classes worked on adding and subtracting decimals last week and are learning about multiplying decimals this week. Next week, we will be working on dividing decimals.  In social studies we are finishing up our unit on exploration with their explorers projects. These projects are due tomorrow! Next week, we will begin our unit on colonization of the United States. In science, the students are working on their element project making LEGO molecules with atomic foldables. Next week, the class will be working on states of matter. In religion, we are working on the 7 sacraments. This week we finished our novel Holes and will be watching the movie this week. Please send in the permission slip that will be sent home tonight tomorrow! We will begin reading the novel Bud Not Buddy next week. In language arts we are learning about pronouns and the writing process. A letter will also be going home about our class party on 10/31. Please send the money in for Ms. Nichols as soon as possible.  Please see below for important dates from school:


10/25- Pizza Lunch

10/26: First Quarter Ends

10/27: No School

10/31: Class Party and Trunk or Treat (Students may wear their costumes to school)

11/1: Chicken Nugget Lunch

11/3: Grand Parents Day


Thank you for all your support!


Ms. Keller

Mid Quarter Update

Good Afternoon parents,

I hope everyone is having a good week. Can you believe we have been in school almost a month now? It is incredible how the time slips on by. I wanted to let you know of what is going on in the class room this week as well as our scantron schedule for next week. In math we have changed the math groups based on a pre assessment on measurement and multi digit multiplication and division. Please speak with your child regarding this change. Again there is no concern if your child has moved from one group to another. These groups are looking at where your child's strength and weaknesses are and how we can best support them. I will say Mr. Pace and I were very pleased with how students did on their first math test! We are really seeing the positives of this new math change.
In language arts students are continuing to learn about nouns. We will have a noun test next Friday. I'm religion we are continuing to learn about the parts of the mass. Please review these topics with your child so that they are ready for their test in the upcoming weeks. In social studies we are finishing up our study of early American cultures. The class will have a test next Friday. In reading, we are reading the novel Holes. Ms. Simmons and I have two small reading groups to help provide a smaller group instruction. This too is working really well! In math both groups are learning multi digit multiplication. Next week, both groups will be working on long division and multi digit division. These skills will help the students be successful when learning about measurement.

I want to let you know that students will be taking their scantron tests next week. Monday they will be taking reading, Tuesday they will take math and Wednesday will be make ups. On the days and nights of scantron please remember that your child should have a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast. This will set them up for success! I will be sending home limited amount of homework those nights. Monday is also picture day so remember to dress your child in their Sunday best. Finally, tomorrow is a tag day and all the proceeds will be going to hurricane victims in Texas. So please feel free to send in more then the required $2.00.

I want to thank you for all your support as well as let you know how wonderful your children are. I am enjoying all the work we are doing and their love of learning as well!

I hope everyone had a great week!

Ms. Keller

5th Grade Update

Good Evening Parents, 


I hope you all had a nice relaxing 3 day weekend. I wanted to let you know what we would be doing in class this week as well as some Test/Quizzes occurring. In math both Mr. Pace's and mine's math groups will be finishing our brief unit on place value. Both groups will be having a Test on Friday on place value. Just as a reminder groups will be changing next week based on their measurement pre-assessment on 9/18. In language arts students will be continuing to learn about nouns and they will have a words within words quiz on Friday. This will be on weeks 1 & 2. In social studies the students will continue to learn about the early american cultures. They will have a map quiz on Wednesday on the first 6 states. In religion, students will continue to study parts of the mass. They will have a brief quiz on Thursday on Chapter 8. Finally, in reading students will begin their first novel Holes. I also want to remind you that grades are posted on the rediker website on Monday's for the work completed the previous week. I will have these grades updated by tomorrow afternoon.


I hope everyone has a great evening!


Ms. Keller

Remind app and Back to School Night

Good Evening Parents, 


I hope you all have had a good week and enjoyed a long relaxing weekend. I wanted to remind everyone to please sign up for the Remind app. This allows you to receive the homework to your phone as well as receive quick reminders. I will also post homework on the school website but I may not always have it up there right after school. The following link will direct you to the Remind app and the set up process.



 I also wanted to let you know about Back to School Night. Back to school night begins at 6:00. I will be doing a session from 6:00-6:20 and 6:20-6:40. At 6:40-7:00, Mr. Pace and I will be doing a joint meeting to discuss the social studies and science curriculum and our math groups for the year. At 7:00 there will be a HSA meeting in the gym till 7:30. The middle school will then begin their back to school night at 7:30-8:30. If you have any questions please let me know. 


Thank you


Ms. Keller