Good Afternoon parents,

I hope everyone is having a good week. Can you believe we have been in school almost a month now? It is incredible how the time slips on by. I wanted to let you know of what is going on in the class room this week as well as our scantron schedule for next week. In math we have changed the math groups based on a pre assessment on measurement and multi digit multiplication and division. Please speak with your child regarding this change. Again there is no concern if your child has moved from one group to another. These groups are looking at where your child's strength and weaknesses are and how we can best support them. I will say Mr. Pace and I were very pleased with how students did on their first math test! We are really seeing the positives of this new math change.
In language arts students are continuing to learn about nouns. We will have a noun test next Friday. I'm religion we are continuing to learn about the parts of the mass. Please review these topics with your child so that they are ready for their test in the upcoming weeks. In social studies we are finishing up our study of early American cultures. The class will have a test next Friday. In reading, we are reading the novel Holes. Ms. Simmons and I have two small reading groups to help provide a smaller group instruction. This too is working really well! In math both groups are learning multi digit multiplication. Next week, both groups will be working on long division and multi digit division. These skills will help the students be successful when learning about measurement.

I want to let you know that students will be taking their scantron tests next week. Monday they will be taking reading, Tuesday they will take math and Wednesday will be make ups. On the days and nights of scantron please remember that your child should have a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast. This will set them up for success! I will be sending home limited amount of homework those nights. Monday is also picture day so remember to dress your child in their Sunday best. Finally, tomorrow is a tag day and all the proceeds will be going to hurricane victims in Texas. So please feel free to send in more then the required $2.00.

I want to thank you for all your support as well as let you know how wonderful your children are. I am enjoying all the work we are doing and their love of learning as well!

I hope everyone had a great week!

Ms. Keller