Happy Catholic Schools Week

We are celebrating Catholic Schools Week. 

6th grade will be celebrating Brazil in MultiCultural Week. Below is the schedule for the week.

Sunday January 28th - St. Mary’s Open House from 10 am to 1 pm, please join us for 9 am Mass as well.

Monday January 29th - Student Appreciation Day - No HW night for students.

Tuesday January 30th - Staff Appreciation Day - 6th grade may bring in food from their culture to share with the class. I will be making two items from Brazil for students. Please label with the ingredients any food sent into school.

Wednesday January 31st - Parent Appreciation Day - Join your student for Pizza lunch at 12:20 pm in the Burgundy Room.

Thursday February 1st - Teacher Appreciation Day - Canned food drive for local food bank. Please bring in canned goods and your student may come out of uniform.   

Friday February 2nd - Multicultural Day - Students will present on their class country and visit other classrooms. 6th grade may wear the colors of Brazil or clothes from their culture.

Thank you for your support and help in everything we do at St. Mary’s.


Ms. Tonetti

Happy 2018

Hello Middle School Families, 

I hope everyone had a blessed and joyful holiday break. 2018 is here and we have so many exciting things happening. 

1. Middle School Exams 

Students should be reviewing for exams upon their return to school. The schedule is below 

Tuesday Jan 11th - Math AM English PM 

Wednesday Jan 12th - SS AM, Science PM 

Thursday Jan 13th - Reading AM, Religion PM 

2. End of Second Quarter 

Second Quarter End on Friday Jan 19th. Report Cards will be sent home on the 30th 

3. Catholic Schools Week 

Begins on Sunday Jan 28th with a Mass and Open House. We will be celebrating all the wonderful things Catholic Schools offer and the diversity of our community this week. More details will be sent home in the Thursday Folders. 


Ms. Tonetti 


December Update

Dear 6th grade families,

The 6th grade has voted to participate in a Secret Santa on December 19th during Pajama day. They would also like to have a small Christmas celebration during the day.

  • Secret Santa

    • Students who would like to participate should bring in a gift that costs about $10.00 that most people in the class would enjoy.  

  • Waffle Breakfast

    • HSA is sending home a flyer today. They will supply the waffles. If possible, could we have some parents agree to send in orange juice, fruit, etc to eat with the waffles.

  • Games

    • Students may bring in a board game they would like to play with classmates.

  • Other food

    • Some students asked to bring in other food. You are welcome to send in anything else if you like.

The Christmas Pageant is Wednesday, December 13th. Please come to school in Christmas and/or church clothes by 6:45 pm.

I also wanted to thank all the families who have sent in a blessing bag. Your generosity to those less fortunate this season is really appreciated.

I hope everyone has a joyful Advent and a blessed Christmas season.

Kind regards,

Ms. Tonetti

Welcome to 6th grade

Hello 6th grade Families and Students, 

My name is Kellian Tonetti. I am the 6th grade homeroom teacher and the Social Studies and Religion teacher for the Middle School. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and is ready for an awesome year of learning and growing our mind, body, and spirt. 

The first day of school is Tuesday August 29th at 8am with drop off starting at 7:50 AM. It is a full day of school. Pick up is at 3:00 pm

Please make sure your student(s)  bring the items listed below. 

1. Lunch - Please do not pack soda or other sugary drinks and foods. 

2. Supplies- Please bring all supplies listed. (Please do not bring the caculator, protractor, or compass yet) 

3. Summer work- Please bring the summer work assignments for all classes.

4. Office forms- Please send in any forms needed by the office like Health forms, etc. 

Please wear the summer uniform as described in the handbook. 

I am delighted to be back at Saint Mary's for my 3rd year and look forward to our year together as your student(s) makes the at times scary but wonderful tranistion to middle school. 

If you have any questions before the first day of school please use the contact the 6th grade teacher feature on the website and I will be happy to answer any question I can. 

Kind regards, 

Ms. Tonetti