Thank you to all the parents who attended the Nov. 17 HSA Meeting. The feedback you provided in each of the focus groups was invaluable. The below information is a compilation of your thoughts from several of the groups. Please send any additional feedback or ideas to

“Extracurricular Activities and Clubs” Focus Group

You Said: The school needs to provide more non-athletic after school activities for students. You suggested activities such as a science club, Lego/engineering club (to work in tangent with the science club), debate club for older grade levels, vocational clubs, and an adventurer/excursion club which would meet to visit local educational sites on the weekends. There was also a great interest in extending club meeting times to Saturday mornings to accommodate student/parent schedules.

HSA Response: Plans are underway to begin a science club in the second half of the school year. Parent volunteers are greatly needed to assist with the implementation of new and existing clubs. If you have an interest in starting a club in a particular area of interest please contact ( A survey will be sent out to gather information

“Future Topics” Focus Group

You Said: Try changing the time of school related meetings to increase parent involvement/attendance

HSA Response: We will create a survey to gather this information

You Said: Have an assembly on Internet safety for all kids

HSA Response: An assembly is planned in January for grades 4-8 on Internet safety; additional details forthcoming

You Said: We need to increase school spirit. We should have more pep rallies and an additional spirit week in the spring

HSA Response: The HSA is in discussion with school staff to try to arrange a spirit week in April

You Said: We should have more school dances

HSA Response: We need a parent committee to help organize this (HSA would seek permission to have service

“Athletics” Focus Group

You Said: An athletic coordinator is needed to organize parents and students for all sports offered at St. Mary’s

HSA Response: The HSA has recruited coordinators to help organize teams, parents, and coaches; the team is currently in place

You Said: Coaches need training; should receive full set of service hours

HSA Response: The newly formed coordinator team is researching training opportunities for coaches; The HSA is seeking permission to have full service hours granted to coaches (there will be conditions that have to be met by the coaches to receive all of their service hours)

You Said: Players, parents, and coaches need to sign a commitment form prior to participating in a sport to ensure maximum participation by all

HSA Response: The coordinator team is putting together an agreement form and will present it to the HSA for review