Hi Parents,

This week, Kindergarten will continue to practice skills in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. Religion.

In Math we will continue

  • Comparing Sets
  • Exploring Ones and Tens
  • Story Problems
  • Review of Geometry, Addition and Subtraction during skill rotations.

In Language Arts we will continue

  • Consonants, and Vowels
  • Comprehension & Fluency
  • Sight Words
  • Intro to compound words
  • Reading simple sentences

In Science and Social Studies we will continue with our weather study by creating our own storm clouds. Family Science Experiment Project: Comparing Temperatures. Social Studies we will be focused on teamwork building skills.  Working together. 

Religion we will continue to focus on prayers and sacraments.  LENT and LOVE focus.

Upcoming Events

  • Valentines Day Exchange February 14th
  • In school field trip- Eric Energy Science group March 28th