Hi Parents,

This week we will have our 1st Vocabulary Test, and Math Test. Kindergarten will focus on   


  • Reviewing
  1. Comparing Numbers
  2. Making 10
  3. Addition + Subtraction - Number Bonds
  4. Word Problems
  5. Place Value
  6. Word Problems
  7. Geometry - Patterns

 Language Arts

  • Review Vocabulary (Test on Thursday)
  • Focus on
  1.  Short + Long I and O 
  2. What is Fiction/Non - Fiction
  3. Word Attack

Science and Social Studies

  1. Healthy Behaviors
  2. Food Safety Experiment 


  1. Prayers
  2. Sacraments 

On Friday, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday with green eggs and ham during a.m. snack and create crafts inspired by some of his popular books.