Kindergarten students have taken the test and everyone did their best. There are many factors that can effect the results of the test.

Scantron test are merely given to students at this age to familiarize them with the testing equipment; therefore making it less intimidating. From my understanding, as your child progresses through each question other questions may become harder and may not have been covered in class yet. (Money, Time and Measurement are planned for April, May.) 

The data is collected and given to the teacher for it to be used as a guide for differentiating instruction per each child. For Kindergarten, the way I understood is that the scores are not compared, however are used to prepare students to become better test takers.

Moving Forward

If you still need more information you can contact our school testing coordinator.  

I am currently still reviewing scores, I will send a letter home on areas to focus on with your child.

Thanks again for being so patient.