Hi Parents!

Our Theme: FOOD 

  • Black History Month
  • Presidents Day
  • Valentines Day

Homework#20 will go home Monday February 5, 2018

In Math we will continue working on mastering comparing numbers 50-100, addition & subtraction, place value (ones and tens).  We will slowly go into skip counting and onto Measurement, Money and Time. 

In Language Arts we will continue building our letter, sight word recognition, sequencing, blending (beginning & ending sounds).  Sentence structure and reading and writing simple sentences and passages.

In Science we have been talking about the water cycle and created a mobile.  

Continue to practice in the Yellow Book (Please ignore pages referencing stories, the classroom books associated are lost or damaged) focus on writing, reading small stories with sight words and letter recognition. Short Vowels.

IXL practice is a must. Computers are up & running; therefore students are working with IXL in the class (20 min); more practice at home is highly encouraged. 

Last week was very busy the children enjoyed themselves and I as well.  Please check Daily Folders for any notes from teacher or office staff.  

Valentines Party: stay tuned

Remember any questions, please contact via email K_smlh@outlook.com or call the school.