Hi Parents,

Tomorrow begins the countdown to summer break.  Kindergarten is so ready for 1st! Our themes for the month of May/June is I know Alot!  We will focus on Scientific Investigations, Summer Safety  and review of all that we have learned this school year.  

In Math

We are focused on Dimes and Quarters (last week pennies and nickels).  We are learning how to count onward/adding with coins. 

In Language Arts

We are continuing to build fluency in reading, blending ending and beginning sounds, Digraphs, CVC and more.  I will be intro ---ing Plural and Singular Nouns and the use of verbs.  What are Verbs?  What are nouns?


We are creating a 3 dimensional sculpture of an insect/bug. 

Classroom Art Projects

shh! we are working on somethings.


I tell the children they can pray whenever needed, God, Jesus are always there to listen.  We will be working on Light is Good, Air is Good in our God Loves us text.


  • Please RSVP for the Awards Ceremony ASAP by May 1, 2018 
  • Field trip... Stay Tuned!
  • Suggestion: Apply skin protectant to your child in the morning.
  • Suggestion: Please practice our song. The lyrics were sent home.
  • Please remember if your child is having a medical issue, please send an email to the school and to the teacher.
  • During Recess children exert a lot of energy, they become very thirsty throughout the day.  My suggestion: Please send in a refillable water bottle so your child may stay hydrated.  If it helps they may leave them here in the classroom.  Thanks