Welcome Back!

I am so glad that we all have returned to school happy, safe and ready to learn.  Our Themes for the month of April are as follows

  • Spring has Sprung! Spring Changes 
  • Earth Day! 
  • Planting Season
  • Life Cycles: Plants, Butterflies


  • Watching the Weather 
  • Comparing fruit by weight
  • Life-size Self Portraits


In Math, students will continue to explore Time learning more about the hour, more and or less time, calendar (yesterday, today and tomorrow). Students will also explore how to write time in standard form. 

Language Arts we will focus on reviewing our letter and number recognition, We will continue to explore word building.  Beginning and ending sounds, digraphs and diphthongs. We will be doing an assessment this week checking students progress.  

We are in need of 

  • Potting Soil
  • Tissue
  • any pretty ribbon 

Thanks in advance. Peace.