This Week in Kindergarten!

In Math - We are continuing to focus on Vertical Addition and Subtraction, Positions, Tally and Graphs.  We will also tap into Greater Than/Less Than

In Language Arts - Our Letter Focus - Short/Long Sounds - A M S T P D L I H    We will continue to practice blending letter sounds in order to make words to create simple sentences. 

Social Studies/Science - Ways to Travel/Snow Globe

Religion - Focused on Prayers and Sacraments

Please remember to practice at home with your child. Using the yellow book and IXL.  Also take 15 minutes to read with your child to build fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK! Its a testing kinda week.



This week in Kindergarten!

We are still calming down from our winter break so we've been reviewing and  took a pretest to check our progress.  Practice Books will go home today. I guess I am also still on vacay! lol 

Remember if you have any questions or concern, please email at Thanks

Also, Remember to assist your child with their homework, and Practice book assignments. (listed below)

HW #17 Due Tuesday Jan 16th.

Practice book pages to focus on for Jan/Feb





Happy New Year Kindergarten!

This week is Review week! We will be focusing on restating classroom rules and culture, review and preparing for our Math Test.  We will be starting a new theme in Reading.

We have a new way to communicate using email.  Email anytime at, I will get back to you within 24-48 hrs. Also the website will be very informative.  

Please return folders daily, I will also include a newsletter inside folders monthly.  Please... READ! READ! so children can have lots of practice and I can't wait to hear all the stories.  

HW Packet Week #16 went home 1.2.2018

Due tomorrow - A worksheet highlighting each students favorite moments during winter break. (attached to HW packet)

I will be sending yellow book home next week I will ask for them again around spring break. 


This Week in Kindergarten...

We will continue with Number Sense focusing on  + Ordinals + Identifying positions of numbers + Tally Marks + Number Patterns.

Our new Vocabulary words are 

Number Words 1-50

HW #14 Focus on Writing 1st and last name, Handwriting practice, sight words, beginning sounds, reading simple sentences, counting on from a number, Composing and Decomposing numbers, Number recognition/different ways to represent a number.

Yellow Practice Book 41-60 - HFW: LIKE  FOCUS LETTERS: S , P  SIGHT WORDS I , CAN , WE , THE , A