We are entering into Winter and moving along within the school year. Students have been practicing in class Geometry, Patterns Decomposing numbers, and some intro into addition. Again, we need to remind our students about staying focus during appropriate times (lesson blocks) It is essential that we start practicing calm down methods to help retain the information we are learning in class.


  • Geometry

  • Patterns

  • Numbers - Decomposing - Comparing - Subitizing - Number sense 1-31 (Numbers will increase as we move along)

Reading, Language Arts and Writing RLaw

  • Initial/Middle/Ending Sounds

  • Nouns/Verbs

  • Vowels - Consonants

  • Concepts of Print


  • Saints - Saint Nicholas

  • Who is Jesus? Who is God?

  • Christmas Story/Nativity


  • Hibernation

Social Studies

  • Holidays around the World

  • Nativity Story - Location