Kindergarten focus is to master Phonemic Awareness & Phonics.

  • Phonemic Awareness: recognition of letter sounds.
  • Phonics: recognition of the actual letters.

In class we've been focused on the vowel sounds (two sounds)  as well as the consonants (one sound).  

Traditionally students aren't expected to read before 1st grade.  However, some children who really understand sound differences are able to pick up reading much quicker.  I am not an expert, but as a mother (3) and teacher I find that repetition, patience and practice works.  

Also, forcing a child to read or understand sounds and letter recognition can cause them to forget, become uninterested which makes it harder to move forward.  



  • make letter cards and stick them to objects that begin with that letter. 
  • create a scavenger hunt (variation: have child search for the picture that matches the sound; or have child search for the letter that matches the picture...)