Hello Parents,

So students are really ready for the end of the school year.  They have worked really hard this year and I am very confident that they will enter 1st grade ready.  I am very proud of their work and growth, literally of how most of them have grown so tall.  I am really going to miss them.  We have Scantron this week so please remember to make sure your child gets enough rest, and eat a good breakfast.

End of Year Celebration/Graduation

Tuesday June 12, 2018

@ 10am-12pm

Light refreshments will be served.  Please be on time. We will start promptly at 10am. 

HW#36 is our last homework of the season.  I am coordinating with the 1st grade teacher to create the best summer review packet for your pride & joy!  

I will contact volunteers for the End of Year Celebration this week.  (Email) Please check your email.  Thanks.