The weeks are flying bye and soon it will be Harvest Time. As the days go on we are still practicing and learning how to be Kindergartners. I am still asking for parents to please assist with correcting negative behavior as we get into our reading and math groups we are are going to be focusing on learning and not so much behaviors. In order for learning to happen we must work together. Thanks in advance.

Tinker Box Project - I am hoping all of you are enjoying creating these tinker boxes I think they will help your pride and joy to build that stamina.

In Reading

  • We are focusing on letter sounds, vowels and consonants. Handwriting Refinement. (Parents please spend time at home as well) Rotations will be Tuesday - Friday

In Math

  • We are working on the foundation: Sorting - Alike/Same, Different, Color, Shape, Size, and Sorting in 2 or more ways. Math Rotations are Monday - Thursday

Social Studies/Science

  • We have completed our Apple Science and will go in Pumpkin Science, learning the life cycle, learning what an Hypothesis is … and of course or Pumpkin Patch Field Trip.


  • We are focusing on CREED, Saints and Prayers. Our Class Saint is Don Bosco.

We are in need of 1 more chaperone for our Field Trip: Montpelier Farm, October 19th 2018