This week we will

  • Homework #18 - Yellowbook Practice p. 143-147 - IXL Practice Reading Readiness and

In Math

  • We will be focused on Review in preparation for our chapter test on Thursday Feb 7th.

In Reading

  • We will be moving into our homogeneous groups (finally) and practicing our reading in isolation. We will focus on Initial/Medial/Ending Sounds of Vowels, Consonant Sounds. We will continue blending and making word sense.

In Religion

  • We will focus on “Heroes of the Bible”

In Soc. Studies & Science

  • We will finish up our Arctic animal Science experiment.

  • We will learn about Influential Black/African American People starting with Wynton Marsalis

Our Sight Words

  • my

  • is

  • little

  • she

  • was

  • are

  • with

  • he